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April 2020

Long-term challenges after a brain injury can impact employment

A traumatic brain injury leads to many symptoms, but these are not the same for everyone. The severity and location of the injury can have an impact on how a person heals. There are several systems of the body that are affected when you have a traumatic brain injury.

For some people, the severity of the injury is so great that the impacts will remain for the rest of their life. This can make doing even basic tasks difficult, and it could affect their ability to care for themselves. Some won’t ever be able to return to work to earn a living.

Trouble thinking

The inability to process information is one challenge that can be difficult to overcome. This can come in many forms, and it is possible that multiple changes will occur at the same time. Problem solving, trouble remembering information, difficulties paying attention and challenges with learning new things are all possible.

Communication issues

Being able to understand what others are saying and being able to relay your thoughts are important parts of communication. A brain injury can make these difficult because you might not be able to understand non-verbal cues. Asking people to slow down when they speak may be beneficial. It may also help you to gather your thoughts ahead of time so you have a plan for what you’ll say.

Sensory and physical changes

The sensory and physical changes you might experience include things like being sensitive to lights and sounds. Some people experience headaches, balance difficulties, vomiting, dizziness and weakness. All of these can make it difficult to impossible to do a job that can financially provide for you. These can also be some difficult impacts to overcome.

Some individuals who have a traumatic brain injury turn to therapy. This is costly, which may prohibit some people from getting the help they need. Sadly, that fact could minimize the recovery they might be able to achieve.

If you suffered a brain injury in an accident that was another person’s fault, you might choose to seek compensation. You have a limited amount of time to do this, and you need to ensure that the damages you seek are comprehensive. This includes the financial expenses that have already incurred and the ones that will occur in the future.

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