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April 2020

Mild brain injuries may alter a victim’s personality

When a person receives a significant blow to the head, they can also suffer a mild traumatic brain injury without realizing it. Mild traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) may not cause pain or produce any other symptoms for several days or weeks. The delay can make it seem as though a victim’s symptoms came out of nowhere.

Mild TBIs affect each victim differently depending on the severity of the blow to their head and the area of the brain that suffers damage. In some cases, symptoms are physical, including headaches, nausea, blurred vision and even seizures.

Many TBI victims also experience changes in their personality that may confuse or concern the people around them. Without proper diagnosis, treatment and understanding, these symptoms can cause big conflicts in the victim’s professional and personal life. If you suspect that you or someone close to you suffered a TBI, you may need to file a personal injury claim. A strong claim helps protect your rights while you work through your recovery, and allows you to pursue compensation for your losses.

Common mental and personality effects

When a mild TBI occurs, it often has the effect of lightly “scrambling” connections in the brain itself. While this can produce many different results, some of these are very common. Often, a victim may find that they cannot complete a task they have done many times in the past. They may also find that it is very difficult to learn any new process, even if the process appears relatively simple.

Not only is this confusing for the victim, they may overreact to the circumstances and become irrationally upset. This may confuse or concern the people around the victim. In working environments and in the home, these changes may create relationship problems that are hard to overcome.

It is also common for victims to misinterpret what they read and hear in conversation. Often, a victim may not even realize this is happening, which can quickly create conflict in relationships and may lead to frustrating misunderstandings.

Protecting yourself begins today

If you believe you have a TBI, it is important to seek out an examination from a qualified medical professional as soon as possible. With a proper diagnosis, you can receive the medical care that you need to begin recovery. Medical care also creates important documentation that can support your legal strategy. With that in place, you can both receive the care you need and protect your rights while you recover.

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