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January 2020

Minor brain injuries can cause major complications

No matter what kind of work a person does for a living, where they live, or their free time activities, no one is completely safe from a brain injury. Even a relatively minor blow to the head can have significant effects on a victim’s ability to concentrate and engage with others, and may even bring on personality changes or physical symptoms.

Sports injuries, workplace injuries, and car accidents can all lead to unexpected brain injuries, and many victims do not even realize that they have an injury at all. It is wise to see a doctor for a full medical examination any time that you or someone you love receives a blow to the head, to identify any potential brain injuries as quickly as possible. The sooner that you identify a brain injury and begin treatment, the easier it is to navigate the symptoms and begin the path to recovery.

Why are mild brain injuries dangerous?

When a person suffers a serious blow to the head and suffers moderate or severe brain damage, the victim’s symptoms are often fairly obvious. These may include significant loss of memory and functional knowledge, as well as physical symptoms such as uncontrollable loss of consciousness. However, minor traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, are not always easy to recognize, and may not cause any symptoms for up to two weeks after the initial injuries.

For instance, many victims of car accidents suffer blows to the head during the collision that they do not remember. If the car accident victim does not receive a full medical examination immediately afterwards, they may not realize they have an injury at all, and may not connect the accident to their symptoms by the time the symptoms arise.

Mild TBIs can significantly alter a victim’s ability to operate in their daily lives, both professionally and personally. Without proper diagnosis and treatment, a mild TBI victim may dismantle their life before they realize they have a physical injury causing mental complications.

Dangerous symptoms

Some of the most destructive symptoms that can arise from a mild TBI are changes in a victim’s ability to focus on tasks and learn new information, even simple tasks that the victim knows well. This experience is frightening or angering for many victims, which is often where the experience takes a turn for the worse.

A common symptom of a mild TBI causes victims to act irrationally to frustration, sometimes leading to erratic or dangerous behavior that is out of character for the victim. If the victim and their coworkers, family and community do not understand that these changes are due to a physical injury, the victim’s behavior may quickly scar their professional and personal relationships, and can end their careers or marriages before they realize what is happening.

Another common symptom makes it difficult for victims of mild TBIs to understand the contextual meaning of the things others say or text to them, which is confusing and frustrating for everyone involved. Without a professional diagnosis and proper medical treatment, these symptoms can destroy a victims life quickly.

Protecting your future

If you or a loved one suffers a blow to the head, be sure to seek proper medical care from a qualified professional as soon as possible. Doing so helps protect you and builds a strong foundation for a personal injury claim if your injuries resulted from someone else’s actions or negligence. With high-quality medical care and a strong legal strategy, you can focus on healing from your injury while keeping your rights and priorities secure.

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