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October 2019

How well would you recover from a brain injury?

You may think that many brain injuries occur on the field of play. We often hear about concussions related to football injuries, for example.

However, the majority, including serious traumatic brain injuries, result from falls and motor vehicle crashes. If you should suffer TBI, what can you expect in terms of rehabilitation and recovery?

What happens

Following a brain injury, your brain cells may be damaged, but they are not dead. As soon as your condition stabilizes, the brain cells will begin to heal themselves by forging new pathways among billions of neurons that are still healthy. At the same time, portions of your uninjured cells take on functions damaged cells previously managed.

Cells need help

This rebuilding process is ambitious and requires support, which is where rehabilitation comes in. Specially trained medical professionals provide you with the therapies you need to fuel those ambitious brain cells and give a jump start to your recovery. Much of what you learned during your life is still available for recall, and special therapies and exercises will focus on reprogramming the brain to help you relearn the skills and abilities required for day-to-day living.

Working with an advocate

If you suffer a traumatic brain injury as the result of someone else’s negligence, you have a right to expect financial compensation, especially because you will likely face some sort of long-term medical issue. It could be physical in nature, or emotional or cognitive. However, the post-accident rehabilitation you receive, along with the hard work you put in, will help your brain make new and vital connections. Through a combination of personal dedication and expert help, you can relearn forgotten skills and enjoy as normal a life as possible. While you concentrate on your recovery, you can also rely on an experienced advocate to negotiate a full and fair insurance settlement on your behalf to cover your current and future medical expenses and more.

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