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Spinal injuries: You need immediate care to preserve function

Today, science and medicine have made many advancements, but the reality is that the spine is still an area that requires much more research and study. It's hard to imagine being paralyzed forever after an accident, and with time, that may no longer be the case. However, for now, many people would agree that a complete severing of the spinal cord could mean the end of control of the body below that point.

If you suffer this kind of catastrophic injury, it is devastating. There can be many complications, such as organ involvement or trouble regulating your body's heat. Fortunately, there are many medical professionals who can help as you work your way toward recovery.

Why do biking accidents happen?

Biking is a great way to stay in shape and feel good about protecting the environment. With biking, you can get to work, visit local places and enjoy your time away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

One thing you do have to worry about, though, is a potential for an accident. A driver who isn't prepared for cyclists being in the road could open their door into your path, turn into your path or otherwise get in your way and cause a collision.

Minor brain injuries can cause major complications

No matter what kind of work a person does for a living, where they live, or their free time activities, no one is completely safe from a brain injury. Even a relatively minor blow to the head can have significant effects on a victim's ability to concentrate and engage with others, and may even bring on personality changes or physical symptoms.

Sports injuries, workplace injuries, and car accidents can all lead to unexpected brain injuries, and many victims do not even realize that they have an injury at all. It is wise to see a doctor for a full medical examination any time that you or someone you love receives a blow to the head, to identify any potential brain injuries as quickly as possible. The sooner that you identify a brain injury and begin treatment, the easier it is to navigate the symptoms and begin the path to recovery.

A slip-and-fall accident could cause debilitating injuries

For many people, concerns about winter weather and the risks it brings start with the impact it has on road safety. There is no question that thousands of people every year get into otherwise preventable collisions because they don't slow down and adjust their driving habits to reflect current weather conditions. Getting into a crash caused by a snowstorm, however, is far from the only risk that winter weather brings for people in Colorado.

The snow and ice accumulating in parking lots and on sidewalks during winter storms can make otherwise safe spaces slippery and dangerous. Your boots may not have enough grip to keep you upright, especially in cases with black ice.

Even safe drivers can’t always protect themselves from trucks

You take pride in driving in a safe, defensive manner at all times. While doing so, you realize that others, such as truckers, are not nearly as concerned about doing the right thing.

You have control over the decisions you make as a driver, but can't do anything to change the behavior of the truckers you're sharing the road with. They can make a variety of mistakes that cause an accident, including but not limited to:

  • Reckless driving: Excessive speeding, running red lights and changing lanes without signaling are all examples of reckless driving. They're also examples of behavior that greatly increase the risk of an accident.
  • Distracted driving: This plagues truckers just as much, if not more, than other drivers. Common distractions include eating, drinking, talking on the phone, reading a map and adjusting vehicle controls.
  • Drowsy driving: A known issue among truckers, those who don't get enough rest on a long trip are more likely to become drowsy when behind the wheel.
  • Driving while intoxicated: The consumption of drugs and/or alcohol before driving (or while behind the wheel) impairs a trucker's ability to make sound, accurate and timely decisions.
  • Inadequate training: This places the negligence both on the trucker and their trucking company. Operating a semitruck is much more complex than a passenger vehicle, so truckers require advanced training regarding safety concerns, technique and defensive driving.

Understanding the Glasgow Coma Scale

If your loved one is comatose, then their coma is rated on the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS). The GCS is a common and important scoring system that helps describe the amount of consciousness a person has after they suffer from a traumatic brain injury.

Acute brain injuries may render a person unconscious, and it's possible that they may awaken slowly. This is noted with the GSC, since it's an objective scale describing how the patient's health is currently and can show how they've improved.

How does an insurance company decide to settle a claim?

If you sustain injuries as the victim of an auto accident, questions surrounding insurance compensation are sure to be on your mind.

You deserve financial compensation to cover your medical expenses, but how does an insurance company settle a claim? What should you expect to receive?

Dealing with an insurance company is no fun after a crash

If you are a vehicle accident victim, your first thought will be about any injuries you may have. Once the fog clears, dealing with insurance companies will likely come to mind.

This may be the first car crash you have ever experienced. You should report the accident to your insurer—but what will happen then?

How well would you recover from a brain injury?

You may think that many brain injuries occur on the field of play. We often hear about concussions related to football injuries, for example.

However, the majority, including serious traumatic brain injuries, result from falls and motor vehicle crashes. If you should suffer TBI, what can you expect in terms of rehabilitation and recovery?

CDC study sheds light on the most common motorcycle injuries

Fall is a wonderful time to enjoy a motorcycle ride in our beautiful state of Colorado. However, if you have a close encounter with a vehicle, you are much more vulnerable to severe injury than the motorist.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention undertook an extensive study of motorcycle injuries. Here are how groups of injured body parts ranked.

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