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Distracted drivers, rear-end collisions and what to do next

According to data compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, rear-end collisions accounted for about a third of all traffic accidents reported in 2014. They still happen daily and in large numbers nationwide.

If you become the victim of such a crash, would you know what steps to take afterward?

A helmet may be important even after a motorcycle crash

As summer turns to fall, you are likely looking forward to riding your motorcycle in cooler weather. While you may have excellent riding skills, you may not be able to avoid a collision with a motorist forever. If you do have an accident, your riding helmet may save your life. 

In Colorado, most motorcyclists do not have a legal obligation to put on a helmet before hitting the open road. As such, provided you are at least 18, you may choose to forego head protection. While failing to wear a helmet may put your life in jeopardy, it may also harm your chances of pursuing compensation from whoever caused the accident. 

How to stay safe in the dedicated bicycle lane

Denver is the perfect place for anyone who loves cycling. After all, is anything better than getting some exercise while seeing Mount Evans rise above the city’s skyline on a clear autumn day? While bicycling may be one of your treasured pastimes, it is not without risk. As you likely know, a bicycle accident may leave you with serious injuries. 

The summer has not exactly been kind to metro-area riders. In fact, after a recent spate of rider fatalities, cycling enthusiasts have decided to fight back by taking to local roadways in protest. Meanwhile, 9News has tried to alert both motorists and riders of the importance of dedicated bicycle lanes. While riding in a bike lane is often safer than trying to maneuver through Denver’s crowded streets, dedicated lanes are not without their risks. 

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