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May 2020

Brain injuries: How long until symptoms go away?

Although we have come a long way from considering a severe hit to the head as “getting your bell rung,” we still have many misconceptions about serious brain injuries. A recent study delves into one specific misconception: just how long the side effects can last.

Brain injuries and side effects: How long do they last?

Although the exact answer will depend on each individual case, new research supports the argument that side-effects like fatigue may not be short lived. According to the study recently published in The Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation, children who suffered a severe brain injury between the ages of 7 years-old and 22 years-old reported continued fatigue seven years after the injury.

Brain injuries and treatment: Can we help children recover?

Researchers are coming up with suggestions to help treat children who suffer from these injuries to better address the long-lasting impact of symptoms. One option involves using cognitive behavioral therapy.

Brain injury and cost: How can victims cover these expenses?

Unfortunately, these options can lead to additional expenses for families raising the child. The study serves as a reminder of the importance of holding those who are responsible for the injury accountable. Legal remedies, like a personal injury lawsuit, may be available if the injury was the result of another’s negligent or reckless action. If successful, this claim can result in much needed funds to help cover expenses that result from the injury — expenses like the immediate cost of medical bills and potential future expenses like cognitive behavioral therapy sessions.

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