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October 2019

5 ways a car insurance company can exhibit bad faith

Let us say you suffered both a concussion and a broken shoulder when a speeding driver t-boned your car in an intersection.

You must file for insurance compensation while still receiving medical treatment, but you have heard that insurers can be difficult. Some act in bad faith relative to claims. Here are five ways that may happen.

1. Intentional delays

There are deadlines for an insurer to either accept or deny a claim. One tactic the insurer may use is to drag out the time needed to investigate in the hope that the claimant eventually gives up pursuit of compensation.

2. Failure to investigate

An insurance company must investigate a claim promptly and thoroughly. For example, an insurance adjuster cannot deny a vehicle damage claim over the phone without first inspecting the vehicle and considering repair shop estimates.

3. Following deceptive practices

An insurance company must not conceal a type of existing coverage so it can avoid paying your claim. The same applies to providing the necessary documents for you to complete in time for you to avoid a deadline.

4. Offering less money

Insurance companies are notorious for lowballing. Offering less money than a claimant should rightly receive so the company can pad its own profits is a common act of bad faith.

5. Refusing to pay

Another example of an insurer acting in bad faith is the refusal to pay a claim the insurance policy covers.

Seeking help

When injured in a vehicle accident, your main concern should always be your recovery and state of health going forward. You do not need the extra stress associated with filing a claim for compensation to cover your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and more. The goal of an insurance company is to keep as much of its money as possible, and some exhibit bad faith in an attempt to do so. Explore your legal options, and allow an advocate experienced with insurance company tactics to negotiate a full and fair settlement on your behalf.

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