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October 2019

Watch for slower speed limits around Denver

The metro area has been hard on bicyclists this summer. After a recent spike in the number of cycling fatalities, government officials have begun to think of ways to keep riders safe. One strategy is lowering speed limits on some roads. If you regularly drive in Cherry Creek or near the airport, you may need to decrease your vehicle’s speed to comply with the new limits.

Sometimes, keeping your speed in check can be difficult. After all, you have places to go to. Still, you do not want to injure yourself, a cyclist or anyone else in a collision. Here are some suggestions for keeping your car’s speed under control:

Plan your route 

Denver-area roadways are congested places. With an estimated 10,000 new residents moving to the city every month, you must share the road with an increasing number of motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. Nevertheless, if you prefer to drive fast, planning your route likely makes sense. Many smartphone apps help you visualize traffic volumes, allowing you to avoid congested areas. They also allow you to choose roads with higher speed limits.

Give yourself some time 

Nothing encourages motorists to speed quite like being late for an important meeting. Therefore, try to build additional time into your schedule. By allowing an extra 15 or 20 minutes to reach your destination, you can likely choose a reasonable and legal speed.

Stash your smartphone 

Distracted driving is a problem in the Centennial State. In fact, according to the Colorado Department of Transportation, distracted motorists contribute to more than 40 automobile crashes every day. While looking at your smartphone, you may not realize the speed limit has dropped. Therefore, you should always stash your electronic devices until you arrive safely at your destination.

It is hard to tell whether decreasing speed limits on certain roads will keep bicyclists safe. You can, though, do your part to avoid a collision by complying with posted limits.

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