It is always painful to lose a loved one. Unfortunately, the emotional period that follows a death is also the time when grieving family members, friends and other parties must navigate probate law to ensure that the decedent’s assets pass onto the proper parties. This is even harder when a dispute arises and probate litigation is necessary to reach a resolution.

At Allman, Mitzner & Fawley, LLC, we understand the unique stresses that come with the probate process. Our highest priority is to keep you up to date throughout the process, so that you can make informed decisions and rest assured that your interests are represented in the probate process.

Resolving Disputes Through Probate Litigation

When a probate dispute cannot be resolved through informal negotiation, litigation may be necessary. Our lawyers have decades of experience standing up for our clients’ interests in probate court and in settlement negotiations. Disputes we work with include:

  • Will contests
  • Breach of trust
  • Intestate succession in the absence of a will
  • Heirship matters

We will help you determine the strength of your claim and work with you to design a legal strategy that create the greatest chance of reaching the outcome you are seeking.

Navigate The Probate Process With Confidence

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