Maybe you were walking through your apartment building and the floor is cracked. Due to poor lighting, you fell and injured yourself. Perhaps you were walking outside a restaurant and the sidewalk hadn’t been shoveled. You slipped and hurt yourself. These are just two examples of premises liability cases. In Colorado, premises liability cases can be tricky. You will want the trusted team of lawyers at Allman, Mitzner & Fawley, LLC, to help you. We have years of experience with personal injury claims.

Determining A Dangerous Condition

If you have been injured because property has not been maintained, you may be entitled to damages, but dangerous conditions must be established. You must prove that the owner of the property knew of the danger and did not act to fix it. This can be difficult. Our attorneys will determine whether the owner created the condition or was negligent in not fixing it. You will want a team that knows the law. Our attorneys have years of experience and will help you get what you are owed.

Whether you are in a friend’s house, at a restaurant or in a Denver city building, your safety is always a priority. Laws requiring owners to take care of their properties must be enforced. If they do not maintain their properties, they are liable. You could receive financial compensation for any injuries you suffer. Talk to a team you can trust. We will evaluate your case, give you honest feedback and do our best to get you the help you need.

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