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Looking for the best personal injury attorney in Denver? Allman Mitzner & Fawley specializes in all areas of personal injury cases. We understand that a personal injury can change  your life forever. Are you suffering from loss of income, expensive medical bills, physical therapy, nursing care, and lost wages? We can help. Whether your injury is major, or less serious, you need an advocate during the legal process.  Even minor injuries can take months or years to resolve. We specialize in the the following areas of personal injury.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Workers Compensation

Personal Injury

Product Liability

Employment Law

Allman-Mitzner & Fawley is one of Denver’s best personal injury firms. We will guide you through the process. Protect your rights at all times. And pursue the best possible results for you. We will pursue all remedies and compensation justly owed to you for past, present, and future loss of income, medical expenses and out-of-pocket losses. We will also pursue non-economic damages for your claim based upon physical impairment, pain, suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life. We are well versed in the remedies available to you. We will protect your rights and see that you receive fair compensation- whether by fair settlement or court action. Your needs come first and we are honored to serve the cause of justice on your behalf.

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