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Our litigation practice ranges from insurance disputes to complex commercial disputes. However, we specialize in personal injury litigation in Colorado. Injury claims often result from automobile accidents but they also arise from alleged defective products, conditions on property, fire and explosion, and workplace conditions. Many injury claims trigger insurance issues involving not only the injured party but also the alleged tortfeasor and insurance company. We do not have a “one size fits all” approach to litigation. Instead, we provide our clients with personalized service, a creative skill set and a collaborative method of resolving disputes.

We partner with engineers, medical experts, and others in both scientific and academic endeavors in order to investigate, evaluate, and effectively present your case. We advocate for our clients by searching for the truth and focusing on the facts. We understand that there are biases inherent in the evaluation of virtually any dispute. We utilize our experience in order to provide professional insight and a plan of action.

These same principles also apply to commercial litigation, although much of our commercial litigation is controlled by the contract or other key documents. This provides a different form of advocacy in which the intent of the parties is scrutinized in the context of both written and oral agreements or business relationships. The concept of equity is often at issue in a commercial dispute and also in determining such concepts as bad faith or false promises not expressed within the terms of the written agreement. Each circumstance, however, is often tempered by actual business experience of negotiating, drafting, and enforcing these agreements. These types of cases are not determined in the vacuum of a document alone, but must often be considered in the context of business and commercial standards of behavior.

We have, in the past several years, been involved in numerous matters regarding the modern workplace. These issues have become near and dear to us because of the growing realization that in our current society, the workplace environment has become an area where the rights of individuals are important and must be protected. We are anything but anti-business, and represent numerous business entities; however, we are very much willing to participate in legal matters to protect against what we would generally refer to as workplace cruelty. These cases can be difficult because there are specific elements to an employment claim which must satisfy the particular elements of a legal violation. A legal violation does not apply to every unfair or not nice employment circumstance and, indeed, it applies to very few of these. The protections generally afforded in the workplace are those with regard to race, religion, disability, gender, and other fundamentally protected rights. We are honored to be able to protect the statutorily granted rights derived from the constitutional equal protection guarantees, even when such rights are implicated in a single case regarding a minimum wage job. We believe that fighting these individual battles to correct injustice and equal protection help bind us to the core constitutional principles which define our country.

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