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We are Denver business lawyers with immense experience in a wide variety of business transactions. Our firm has a primary focus on entrepreneurial and closely held entities. We create personalized entities suitable for your business and particular needs. Allman, Mitzner & Fawley has a lengthy background in contract drafting, employment-related issues such as hiring and contractor agreements, non-competes, NDAs, employee handbooks, and other legal elements helpful to a new or growing business.

We engage in commercial real estate transactions and have been involved in a variety of such transactions, ranging from shopping centers, agricultural land, warehouses, and apartment and office buildings. Often, our clients are successful self-made individuals who utilize real estate as part of their wealth building, and also as part of the growth of their business.

Our clients’ interests lead us to a knowledge of insurance and regulatory issues. We assist clients in negotiations with their insurance carriers in the event of claims and provide able assistance with regard to commercial litigation matters.

The commercial practice that we contemplate is optimally one where we form a supportive partnership relationship much like a larger entity might enjoy with in-house counsel. We never make it difficult to be available for that quick call or that need for a speedy review. We very much enjoy the success of our commercial clients and make every effort to assist along that path.

We have a special affinity for technology-based enterprises and for those which engage in the licensing of intellectual property, such as software or other new technology. We work closely with outside counsel who have specific expertise in such areas as patent, tax, or accounting, in order that the client’s needs are served above all.

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